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We offer a Meet and Greet Service where our customers drive upto the terminal departure doors and we meet our customers and take their vehicles away and park them in a secure car park situated  within 3 mile of the airport for the Duration of your trip,


You will be met at your choice of terminal or hotel. If tyres were to become deflated whilst in our care we do our upmost to re-inflate it or change the wheel if need be, as part of the service,just to get you home safely

FOR 30 + Days Parking Please Ring for a quote

0n 07912 180048 .....Here at PPS we know from 1st hand experience not to take on to much work as that can be damaging to your business so we limit the amount of cars we take on so you the customer get what you pay for a service that is wrapped around you ! and not the other way around,

N Dellorias :   Absolutely top class service, drop off and pick up arrangement and execution was easy and saved us hours waiting for courtesy buses , Will definately use for future trips and recommend highly

Daniels Family : Having used them for the first time a few months ago,we are about to use for a second time, We cannot recommend this company highly enough...they even smile when they meet and greet...a joy to do business with...100/10A********

PPS aim to provide a customised, responsive and high quality service to both Holiday Makers and Business customers alike. Whether you prefer to be met at the Terminal (1, 2 or 3), a hotel of your choice, Car Rental Village or anywhere else local to the airport - We are only too happy to oblige.


At more than one occasion, our brilliant staff went beyond the call of duty and collected many a customer from the side of the motorway or service station after their car broke down on the way to the airport to avoid the risk of missing their holiday.


Our round the clock staff, 24/7-365 days a year availability give you peace of mind and the opportunity to de-stress and relax knowing there is always someone on the other end of the phone and a driver ready for you. For customers in general, and disabled customers in particular - we do our utmost to ensure your right to privacy, dignity, choice and respect. We will try to help in anyway we can.

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